September 11, 2018

Nathan Rogers

The toughest, meanest bareknuckle fighter in all of Canadian folk music…

Nathan is a musician with a powerful voice, a remarkable songwriting gift, and an significant Canadian legacy to carry.

He is here to rattle your chains and shake your illusions; ideally with his incomparable voice, beautiful music, Tuvan throat singing, trenchant songwriting, and enough stage energy to fuel a locomotive, but if necessary he could also just use kungfu or a good sharp blade with similar effectiveness.

He comes from an iconic Canadian folk music family; his father, Stan Rogers, contributed significantly to our Canadian cultural understanding. (Somewhere along the line, you’ve probably heard Northwest Passage, which is often called the unofficial Canadian national anthem.)

He has been absorbing the best in Canadian music all his life and he gives as good as he gets.


You can find traces of Nathan scattered all over the place….

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