July 31, 2018

The Rising Tide


How sweetly we come to the moment!
When the earth and the sea do collide!
You’ll lose your breath and your heart again
On the day of the rising tide.

Once again invested with the powers of surf and sea and the love of another,
in which you drown
Held captive.
Set free.

How will you pray for the moment.
To know that they’d felt the same inside!
All the while aware you are going under in the swell of the rising tide.

You move together like thunder.
You gave yourself up to be wide awake, alive in the wonder of being held captive.
Set free.
And there by the moon there was lightning which the sky and the sea did provide
To acknowledge that your love is longer than forever and deeper than the rising tide.

You can wait your whole lifetime for another.
When they come, do you hold them close inside?
There, in the dark do you uncover, what is meant in the rising tide?
What is meant in the Rising Tide?

How quickly we leave here and how quickly parted are we.
But the love of another in which you drown, holds captive and sets free.
When I am finished with this lifetime, gone away and I have died, you will find my love and I ascending through the crash of the rising tide.
On The Day of the Rising Tide.

Written by Nathan Rogers

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