July 31, 2018

Kill Your TV (Please)

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Soldiers in armour and tanks on the news.
Line’s being drawn in the sand and it comes time to choose.
So you follow the masses every day for the rest of your life only to find you are rewarded with a sharp steely knife?

And don’t you think it’s possible?
You could be happier if you killed your TV.
A shackle and chain for the land of the free.

Sudden exposure.
The shock and the shame.
Innocent children that point to their fathers in blame.
Where stands a priesthood when the proof of their guilt is revealed?
When the wounds of the past go untreated and never come healed?!

And don’t you THINK?
It’s possible you could be capable of making up your own mind and opening new eyes if the old ones went blind.

Tonight we turn our backs against the cold and we blaze a path or join the fold.

Days turn to weekends and weeks into years and one holy nation continues to govern through fear?
Building the new world means leaving the old one behind.
We will tug at the threads of their sweaters.
And watch them unwind!

And won’t you smile gently when you wake up alert and surprised?
And free from the wool they pulled over your eyes!
And you’ve become the toughest lump to swallow.
And we free the sheep and the shepherds follow.

Written by Nathan Rogers

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