July 29, 2018

The Jewel of Paris


For mothers everywhere.
Written by Nathan Rogers
Key of C-
Capo 3rd fret, standard tuning

The Jewel Of Paris is Part 2 of a story that started with Mary’s Child.


There were rough seas and rain
On the day that I came
To the new world, this year of our lord

I’d barely made land
When a Papal command
Insisted that I stay on board

I was given a child
Born in the wild
Long and distant from Ville Quebec’s hold

He was brown in the shade
the billowed sails made
and barely a month or two old

“And so mon petit
We are borne ‘cross the sea
To the council of good king Louis

There is hot bread and tea
For my bébé and me
And the wonder of all of Paris”

And there was strong drink in hand
On the on the day we made land
Our arrival was met with such joy

I was taken to work
From morning ’til dark
And erstwhile I cared for the boy

So quickly he grew
Before he was two
He was bigger than boys twice his age

A marvel for sure
A heart brave and pure
Impressing both subject and sage

“So mon petit
You were born ‘cross the sea
In a country beyond Acadie

And though your people were free
They were destined to be
In bondage, the slaves of Paris.”

But the boy grew up tall
A wonder to all
In the court of Louis XIV

There was hot bread and tea
In the court of Louis
And a wonderfully rare human being

In becoming aware
He’d soon understand
That he was not born like the rest

He was tall, brown, and lean
His eyes dark and clean
And a different heart beat in his chest

“So mon petit
You were born ‘cross the sea
To the heron of Ville Sainte-Marie

You just happened to be
Entrusted to me
To bring you as the jewel of Paris”

There was terror inside
On the day that she died
The first time that he’d been alone

He knelt by her bed
And picked up her head
And with her last breath she made known

That through all of her days
And from each of her pays
She’d committed near half what she’d made

And she’d put it away
So that on this day
The price of his freedom was paid

“And she said, no, mon petit
You were not born to me
But I have loved you as though you might be

I have saved, mon petit
So that you can be free
Return you to Ville Sainte-Marie”

And so mon petit
Took a boat ‘cross the sea
To the countries beyond Acadie

To the Ville Sainte-Marie
In Huron country
The young man arrived proud and free.


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