July 29, 2018



Because a person is never property.
By Nathan Rogers
Key of A-

Standard tuning


It was winter when you left me, dear.
The last place I touched you was here in our bedroom, in our bed.
The only thing you left when you passed were your fingerprints on
frozen glass: The final remnants of a heart gone bad.

Come back.
You said ” ’til death do us part”

You took to the road to prove your worth.
I must confess: In your rebirth I was murdered.  I was dead.
Dead inside, dead without and nowhere but an ocean of doubt
And there was no one in your stead.

Come back.
You said ” ’til death do us part”

Tiny clues you left behind: An apple core, an orange rind.
We are garbage hurled to the side of your life.
In a town where cops are crooks an old friend said he’d take a look.
After all, we’re still man and wife.

Come back.
You said ” ’til death do us part”

A roach motel in a burned-out town: this is where I track you down?
But you don’t pause to scream or cry.
Back to the wall and gun in hand; is this the way you greet your old man?
I just came here to say goodbye.

I’m back!
And now you get ” ’til death do us part”


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