2012 May 12 Owen Sound Sun – Summerfolk news

James Keelaghan wrote a series of  articles for the Owen Sound Sun Times last year as part of the lead up to Summerfolk:  You can read them here… Nathan, of course, is the son of Canadian Music Icon Stan Rogers. From the patented Rogers hairline to the diesel engine of a voice he’s proof that Read more about 2012 May 12 Owen Sound Sun – Summerfolk news[…]

2008 May 11 Nathan Rogers Vocal Jam w/ Inuit Singer + Beatbox

Nathan Rogers in Iqaluit, Nunavut at a pre-party prior to giving a fundraising concert. Nathan is Mongolian throat singing, Celina (an internationally renowned Inuit throat singer) and friend are Inuit throat singing and Travis Daley is beatboxing. Bringing together different cultures and musical genres for a merger that ended up being more than wonderful! […]