2019-05-31 Rise Again – The Songs of Stan Rogers

On May 31st, 2019 Home County Music & Art Festival is presenting an evening celebrating Canadian icon Stan Rogers, at Aeolian Hall in London.  This show sold out very quickly so Aeolian Hall decided to mount a second presentation the following night – Saturday, June 1st.  Part of the proceeds from this concert will also go to support Home County.

Stan was one of Canada’s most celebrated and most prolific songwriters, and he tragically lost his life in an airplane fire in 1983 at the young age of 33.

Stan’s music endures to this day and is known around the world.  This Home County fundraising concert will feature six performers singing some of Stan’s best-known songs and maybe a few you may not have heard before.  The performers will include members of the Rogers family:  his wife, Ariel and two of his children, Nathan and Beth.  Also featured will be Stan’s record producer and guitar player, Paul Mills, well-known singer-songwriter, David Bradstreet and the wonderful Dayna Manning best know lately for her work with the group Trent Severn.  Backing up the singers will be a remarkable band consisting of Stan’s former bass player, David Woodhead, keyboard and accordion player, Tom Leighton and fiddler Lindsay Schindler.

There will also be a silent auction to raise money in support of the Ken Palmer Bursary, which is awarded to a graduating high school student pursuing music education at a post-secondary level in Ontario.

Tickets are $30 advance and $35 at the door and are available HERE.

This promises to be a wonderful evening so save the date and spread the word!

Those who love him speak in hushed tones concerning his dark past and shady present.  Those who don’t love him purchase effigies to burn on special occasions.  Nathan owns the company that makes the effigies.  He has something of his father’s voice and a heaping of his mother’s wit, or is it the other way around?  Who is Nathan Rogers?  Who knows?  Who cares?  Presumably you, since you’re reading this.  Throat singing, wise-cracking, occasionally playing an instrument and singing.  It’s folk music with a fork in your eye.  Find his records (True Stories, The Gauntlet) through the Borealis Records website links or by searching iTunes.  People say they’re good, but he’s much more fun live than in the studio.

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