2010 Sept 6 – cruise ship runs aground in the northwest passage

Nathan said it…

Reports of my demise are grossly exaggerated. However, I WAS involved (indirectly) in my ship running aground on an uncharted rock in Coronation Bay in western Nunavut. It was, to say the very least, exciting and unique as far as events go. I can now safely say I been involved in a shipwreck!! Thanks very much to the crew of Clipper Adventurer and the staff at Adventure Canada for keeping us safe, warm and well-fed throughout this unforeseen mess. The tour itself was awesome and fun and the food was world-class. Given this was a completely isolated event and a freak accident, I really must say that people should consider these tours very safe. Even when the boat grounded herself on a rock we were still safe and business continued on as usual, just at a 5 degree angle! Would I do it again? – in a heartbeat!! Franklin’s ghost will have to try harder if he wants company‚Ķ

And then he wrote a song… The Turning.

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