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True Stories

In 2005 Nathan released his debut album, True Stories through the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

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The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet was released in 2009 through Borealis Records.

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Dry Bones

Dry Bones (with JD Edwards and Leonard Podolak) was released in 2011.

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Live Recordings

Random recordings from live performances.

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About Nathan

Who is this guy anyways?
The toughest, meanest bareknuckle fighter in all of Canadian folk music...

Nathan is a musician with a powerful voice, a remarkable songwriting gift, and an significant Canadian legacy to carry.

He is here to rattle your chains and shake your illusions; ideally with his incomparable voice, beautiful music, Tuvan throat singing, trenchant songwriting, and enough stage energy to fuel a locomotive, but if necessary he could also just use kungfu or a good sharp blade with similar effectiveness.

He comes from an iconic Canadian folk music family; his father, Stan Rogers, contributed significantly to our Canadian cultural understanding. (Somewhere along the line, you've probably heard Northwest Passage, which many refer to as the unofficial Canadian national anthem.)

He has been absorbing the best in Canadian music all his life and he gives as good as he gets.

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Musicians worth listening to...

Nathan Rogers

The Man Himself
The toughest, meanest bareknuckle fighter in all of Canadian folk music… Nathan Rogers

Dale Brown

Dale is a Winnipeg fiddle player. His name shows up on “True Stories”, as well as on a remarkable number of concert announcements with Nathan around town. Dale is touring with Emma Cloney as The New Customs.

JD Edwards

JD is the ‘decent Mennonite pacifist to complement Nathan’s angry WASP mentality’… as well as a singer and musician. He is one of the Dry Bones, and is currently touring with Cara Luft as The Small Glories and of course with The JD Edwards Band.

Leonard Podolak

Leonard has been sparring with Nathan for years. His name turns up on The Gauntlet, and he is of course one of the Dry Bones. He is currently touring with Matt Gordon.

Gilles Fournier

The bass player that makes everything else work properly! Gilles has played with all the best musicians around Winnipeg and beyond, including, of course, Dry Bones. You can see him with his own band, Ego Spank.

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